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Press Quotes

“A thoroughly modern, multicultural masterpiece… In an era of increasing isolationism, misogyny and religious fundamentalism, this album becomes a defiant celebration of freedom and internationalism.” 
Uncut – 9/10
“takes traditional Afghan folk songs and give them thoroughly modern settings… Soroor sounds as at home singing Farsi–language reggae, Indian jazz, Maghrebi pop or post–punk… Kefaya delight in tracing Elaha’s journey, crossing sonic borders into Iran, Armenia, Turkey and North Africa.” 
MOJO – 4 stars ****
“Telling tales of the suffering and hardship endured by women but also celebrating their endurance and femininity, these songs are reworked by Soroor and Kefaya to create powerful, thought–provoking music.” 
Rock’n”Reel – 4 stars ****
“Recorded in Oxford with international zeal, this excellent release brings together folk songs traditionally sung by Afghan women, telling stories of joy, pain and resilience… The beauty of Soroor’s mother language, and the wide-ranging culture it encompasses, is palpable throughout.” 
Jazzwise  – 4 stars ****
“An exotic genre-blend of jazz, dub and electronica… Soroor’s voice is beautifully expressive. The showstopper comes with the Radiohead-ish piano ballad, Khina Beyarin, where Soroor fully reveals her dazzling talent.” 
"Powerful, thought-provoking stuff"
**** Songlines
***** Morning Star
"Excellent album... you can imagine the pulses of digital subversion buzzing through it"
**** New Internationalist
"One of the hottest acts on this summer's festival circuit"
Financial Times
"A gorgeous meeting of textures and worlds"
Evening Standard

“Kefaya’s concert last week was one event music lovers would have given their right arm for"
Times of India

"A unique voice"
Nitin Sawney
"The sheer energy, political rage, and brilliant musicianship here makes this a stand out album of 2016, 2017 and many years to come. Note to myself – go and see them live!"
Neil Rogall - RS21
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