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“We are all immigrants. The chains of nationalism seek to restrain us within borders and boundaries, within checkpoints and separation walls. But to embrace our fellow traveller in the spirit of internationalism is to embrace the journey of human experience.” - Kefaya


Kefaya are an award winning musical collective led by UK-based musicians and producers Giuliano Modarelli and Al MacSween. An eclectic  group of immigrants,  travellers and international  artists, Kefaya seek to find common ground between global folk traditions with a cutting-edge sound  rooted firmly in the 21st century. 

Since winning Best Newcomer at Songlines Music Awards 2017, Kefaya have been gaining a reputation for their virtuosic and mesmerising live shows, performing across Europe and India with a modular line-up ranging from a trio to a nine-piece ensemble. The group has often collaborates with various internationally acclaimed artists, including Italian saxophonist Daniele Sepe, British vocalist Nicki Wells, Cuban jazz violinist Omar Puente, Indian drummer Sarathy Korwar, Italian folk singer Alessia Tondo, flamenco singer Chico Pere, Kurdish vocalist Olcay Bayir and many others.

Kefaya take their name from the Arabic word meaning “enough”, a rallying-cry that came to prominence during the ‘Arab Spring’ uprisings. Their debut album ‘Radio International’ was recorded during travels and collaborations with musicians across India, Palestine, Spain, Italy & the UK. Themes of internationalism, freedom of movement, immigration and political struggle are reinforced by the concept of the album as an international radio station, where radio samples weave together the musical and political intentions behind the album.

Regular members of the live show include: Giuliano Modarelli (guitar), Al MacSween (keyboards) Joost Hendrickx (drums), Camilo Tirado, (live electronics), Domenico Angarano (bass), Elaha Soroor (vocals), Gurdain Rayatt (tabla), Deepa Nair Rasiya (vocals), Cormac Byrne (percussion). 

Kefaya have performed at festivals and venues in the UK and internationally including:
Womad, Celtic Connections, London International Arts Festival, Latitude, Alchemy, Shrewsbury Folk Festival, Manchester Jazz Festival, Rich Mix London, Royal Festival Hall and Sage Gateshead Okarina Festival (Slovenia), Kolkata International Guitar Festival (India), Goa Jazz Festival (India), Sulafest (India), Pozzuoli Jazz Festival (Italy), Blue Frog (India) and many well as numerous political events, including university occupations, May Day protests, Amnesty International HQ, Marxism Festival and fundraisers for asylum seekers, Palestinian rights and women's rights organisations.
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